Online Insurance Sales Systems

Where we sell more insurance to your clients, quickly, and we do all the work. Do you want to jump your income this year, right now? Partner with us to use our automated insurance sales systems.

How it Works

We provide all technology systems including tracking, reporting, websites, and online sales systems integrations. You provide your client database. We taker your  clients and send them a series of emails that we’ve tested and proven to make sales. Your clients are directed to a white labelled website where they can purchase insurance directly online. We handle everything from compliance, to signatures, to policy delivery.

At the end of our contract, we return all client files back to you, along with our custom phone number that we used during the campaign. Your clients remain 100% your clients, all branding is done in your name, and you remain agent of record on all policies sold.

It’s not just commission

Our automated insurance sales system is a fast way to drive your revenue through the roof right now, without making 100’s of sales calls.

But you also get:


Well, very much a nice to have. More commission, and fast, without all the work.

Compliance Benefits

You’ve reached out to your clients to discuss insurance, and have records now to show that. We know that we need to ensure our client’s insurance needs are current, our system ensures this.

Better Client Relationships

Routine communication keeps your name on the front of client’s minds. And clients with multiple insurance policies are much more loyal and less likely to wander in the long term.

Your Clients

We understand that you’re loyal to your clients. With our automated insurance sales systems, your clients remain your clients.

All marketing material from emails, to phone numbers, to websites, are branded with your information. While we provide systems and people to deliver the policy, all steps along the way are seen by your clients as coming from you.

You remain agent of record on all policies sold. Commissions are paid at source, so both you and your MGA retain your percentage without dependence on us. Upon completion of our contract, we return all client files to you, along with any phone number that we used to service the policy applications and delivery.

We retain the copyright to any marketing content, as well as the whitelabelled website, which will be taken offline at the conclusion of our contract.


Low barrier to entry here, we want to make it easy and low risk for you to get started with us. Our fees are based primarily on our ability to make sales, so you can be confident that our systems work.


$3999+HST. This fee gets our initial contract in place along with a custom white label website, and all of the necessary compliance paperwork to sell policies on your behalf.


You are listed as agent of record on all policies, with a 40% commission spilt on the application. Commissions are thus paid directly from the source (i.e through your insurer or MGA). We retain 60% commission split on the app as writing agent, also paid directly from the source. No additional accounting complexity here, or dependence on an outside entity for you to get paid.