Business Overhead Expense Disability

As a practitioner (doctor, lawyer, engineer, and similar) if you become disabled the expenses continue to roll in. Staff salaries need to be paid even if you’re not earning income. Rent, utilities, all the maintenance bills don’t stop when you do.
As a result, should you become disabled not only do you lose your income, but you can actually end up paying for these expenses out of pocket or business reserves.
In the event of a long-term disability of a practitioner business-owner, a business overhead expense policy will pay many of your fixed and ongoing business expenses such as rent, utilities, and staff. This allows you to either resolve the disability and come back to work and start earning again, or gives you sufficient breathing space to sell your practice. The alternative is to drain your personal or business savings while trying to sell your practice under time pressure.

How It Works

A business overhead expense policy treats the practitioner as the insured. Coverage amount is based upon adding up eligible monthly expenses. In the event of a long term disability of the insured, the policy will pay a monthly amount to cover the eligible expenses. Durations range generally from 1 to 2 years.

The Solution?

You need a business overhead expense disability policy.


These policies will pay you a monthly benefit to cover eligible expenses.

Your staff will continue to work and be paid

Your rent will continue to be paid.

The business will continue to exist (at least physically) until such time as you’re able to deal with your disability and make a decision on how best to proceed.

Benefits are generally available in the range of one to two years, sufficient time to determine how you’re going to best proceed.

Our advanced insurance specialists can provide you full details of how this can apply in your specific circumstances. Our first consultation starts with a detailed explanation of the strategy and information gathering. We’ll schedule a second consultation to provide and explain proposals. Lastly, we’ll step you through the application process. Start with an initial consultation.

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