About Us

Only Insurance was founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2000. Since then our company has designed and developed websites that convert visitors into life insurance sales. We are thought leaders and remain ahead of the curve in the life insurance industry at applying technology to make sales.

Everything we do is based on combining technology, the sales funnel, and documenting then testing marketing processes. There’s never ‘get this right the first time’. Instead, it’s about knowing fundamental principles, developing a process, then testing individual components of the process. We test our way to success.

Originally incorporated as Insurance Squared, we cut our teeth on website design and online calculator technology. This quickly led to traffic generation through SEO and advertising, and from there, to lead generation.

In 2019-2020, we refocused entirely on direct online sales on insurance and rebranded to Only Insurance Inc.

About our Founder

Glenn Cooke started in insurance technology in the mid ‘80’s. In the 90’s, he took his career into the actuarial world, spending some years in Individual product development and then group product development at a Canadian mutual company. While there, he worked on the insurers’ first ever website.

In the late 90’s, seeing the potential of the internet for life insurance, he created a proposal for the insurer to assist advisors in getting online. Declined by the marketing department, Glenn quite his job in actuarial and in 1999 founded Insurance Squared Inc., a company focused on providing websites for insurance advisors.

At the same time, he was one of the first 1000 companies in Canada to accept credit cards online.

In the initial years of Insurance Squared, Glenn helped numerous Canadian and American advisors to build their agencies by generating leads through their websites.

In 2006, he founded Life Insurance Canada.com Inc., an insurance agency that was entirely virtual. All leads were generated online, and all sales made electronically or over the phone. His compliance and underwriting processes were adopted by a number of Canadian insurance companies as their guidelines for all agents in Canada doing business non-face to face. Glenn was a top advisor almost immediately, becoming an elite advisor and selling thousands of policies all non-face to face.

During this time Glenn was sought after by the media. He’s appeared in most Canadian daily national papers, appeared on prime time news, been on radio programs repeatedly, been featured on the majority of independent financial blogs, and been thanked in financial books authored by people such as Preet Banerjee and Gail Vaz-Oxlade.

Glenn sold Life Insurance Canada.com Inc. in 2019 to refocus Insurance Squared to specializing in online life insurance sales. After almost 2 years in development, he rebranded Insurance Squared to Only Insurance Inc. and combined online marketing, technology, and compliance to produce Canada’s first mass-produced complete online sales system.

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