About Us

OnlyInsurance.ca was launched in 2021 to connect wealth and business clients with advanced insurance experts. No longer do people in need of strategic insurance and wealth protection services need to spend their time with in-person sales visits. Now you can access our advanced insurance experts right from your business or home, with the power of the internet.

Our Timeline



Glenn Cooke is working in technical insurance pricing at a life insurance company. He provides a proposal to the VP of sales showing how the company can help life insurance brokers take advantage of the possibilities of the internet. The VP declines. Glenn quits his job and begins to implement the strategy directly.


The original incarnation of Only Insurance begins providing internet-related marketing services to Canadian and US life insurance brokers, achieving front page Google rankings in both countries.


We pioneer non-face to face life insurance sales in Canada. Insurers use our processes to create their guidelines for all life insurance brokers. We are the first advisors authorized to do non-face to face insurance sales with numerous Canadian life insurance companies.


Glenn becomes an elite insurance advisor by combining the internet and non-face to face insurance sales, ultimately working with thousands of Canadians. During this time he is referenced frequently by national media and consumer advocates as an unbiased expert on life insurance (see our Media page).


Only Insurance Inc. is accepted at The Accelerator Center, Canada’s #1 startup business accelerator.


We re-brand as Only Insurance Inc. and launch a variety of Insurtech services including Mortgageinsurance.ca and OnlyInsurance.ca. Only Insurance targets wealth and business preservation insurance services, allowing busy individuals to access advanced insurance experts without wasting time with in-person interviews.

Our Team

Glenn Cooke


Glenn is a thought leader in the life insurance industry. He's been intersecting technology and life insurance for over 3 decades. In the early 2000's he led the industry in providing insurance remotely; his processes were used by life insurance companies as models for their guidelines. He's been interviewed on TV and Radio, been featured in life insurance stories by most of the national daily newspapers as well as industry magazines discussing technology and insurance sales. He's also been referenced in a number of books written by consumer advocates in the financial sector.
Glenn has a B.Math with a minor in actuarial science from the University of Waterloo. In his free time he continues with expanding his actuarial education, collects antique insurance books, and acts as the webmaster for the internet's busiest actuarial discussion forum. Glenn is our family and middle market insurance expert.

Barb Cooke

Customer Service

Barb started working with insurance clients in the 1990's. She handles our administration and customer service. You can be confident that any questions or tasks you leave with her will be dealt with promptly and completely.

Maggie Pekurar

Internet Marketing

Maggie's our co-op student from the University of Waterloo; she'll be with us for most of 2021. We met Maggie when she was on a workterm with another fintech startup. Impressed with her knowledge and skills, we jumped at the chance to have her on board for her last workterm. Maggie works on our website design and internet marketing efforts.

Stan Dragnev


Stan's been working our systems and processes for over a decade. An experienced and talented developer, he ensures our systems work smoothly. Stan has a B,A. Computer Science from York University.

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