We are an online, fully digital life insurance agency.

Our leaders have been working online in insurance and ecommerce since 1999, leading the industry in Canada in both online marketing and sales.

 Our success is based on three basic principles:

The sales funnel dictates our focus points.

Rather than just pouring more money into the top of the funnel in advertising, or focusing on more aggressive sales, we review every point in the process. 

Document all processes.

Documenting all of our processes means our compliance is second to none. We do the same thing, every time, and we do it right.

We test our way to success.

Nobody writes a perfect ad the first time. We take our best shot using marketing principles, then test, modify based on what we learned, and repeat. We’re not pass or fail, we put in the work to grow.

 Our leader

Glenn Cooke is a thought leader in the life insurance industry. He started ecommerce in 1999 with an actuarial bookstore that rapidly dominated in Canada against decades strong competitors. In 2000 he moved to social media, partnering to create the worlds largest actuarial forum, sold in 2004 for six figures USD.

From 2002-2006 under the banner of Insurance Squared, Glenn provided online marketing services to Canadian and American life insurance agents. Working with monthly budgets in excess of $50k, his services also drove numerous insurance websites to top ranking that were sustainable – lasting years. In fact, a website that he ranked in 2006 and ranked until it was sold in 2018 without further SEO work, is now returning to the rankings with Google’s latest algo update in early-mid 2024. 

In 2006 he became one of the first Canadian life insurance agents to market and sell life insurance non-face to face; a number of Canadian life insurance companies reviewed his business model for compliance and underwriting in order to create their guidelines for all of their advisors.

Today he’s leading Only Insurance into the next step – a scalable startup to market and sell life insurance to Canadians online. 

Current Projects 

Our own custom term life insurance quoting system, lead generation and backend lead processing and administration systems.

An experiment in SEO. We purchased this 25+ year old domain from a friend in 2024 and are now in the process of reimplementing SEO strategies for it. A keyword rich domain, the owners were offered $250,000USD in the late 90’s from Yahoo!, but declined the offer.

A niche market rich for online sale of life insurance. We are currently working through the mechanics of a specialty insurance product with a well known life insurer.

Upcoming Projects 

Free CE credits – tired of product marketing or courses that provide little value, we’re creating a video series on advanced insurance topics and applicable information for life insurance sales. Coming Mid 2024.

Our internal CRM/client database to be released for free, and open-source. This is the backend system that handles our busy agency. Because we’ve built it custom, it does what we need, and does it effectively. From massaging every single lead to optimize sales, to oiling the wheels of administration and separating sales and admin tasks, to policy delivery. In addition to unique tools like automated texting, it helps track each step of the sales process to ensure our compliance is airtight. Currently in final stages of development, we will be rolling this out to our beta testers mid-late 2024 and hope to provide it to the industry (for free) late 2024.